Internationalist Commune of Rojava - Newsletter #05

Dear friends,

March has passed by, with more feelings of sadness and anger about the situation in Afrin. Several friends have fallen şehid fighting against the brutal invasion conducted by the Turkish army, and some of them were internationalist fighters. Thousands of families have been expelled from their houses escaping from the brutality of the invaders, who are conquering the land of Afrin spreading terror among the poplulation with murder, rape, torture and looting among other brutalities.

But we also feel hope when we see thousands of people from all around the world organizing demonstrations, showing their opposition to this war and denouncing the crimes committed in Afrin. The call for the #WorldAfrinDay, answered for more than 50 cities from different countries, is just an example of this international solidarity.

With the arrival of the spring, the ecological project we are developing with the ‘Make Rojava Green Again’ campaign is taking very important (and beautiful) steps. The shoots and the trees we planted near the internationalist academy are blooming, creating a really nice environment to keep on working as the Internationalist Commune of Rojava.

Here is a short summary of what we published this month on our website:

Internaional şehids

Gallery of the funeral of şehid Baran Galicia

Article, letter and video in memory of şehid Hêlîn Qerecox

Letter in memory of şehid Legerîn Ciya

Article, videos and statement in the memory of şehid Sahin Hosseini

Statement from Şehîd Şevger’s anarchist comrades

Defend Afrin

Call to #WorldAfrinDay and compilation of demonstrations

Videos of ‘Why to Defend Afrin’

Open letter after the #WorldAfrinDay

Galleries of pictures

Celebration of Newroz in Derik

Make Rojava Green Again galleries

From December 2017 and January 2018

From February 2018

From march 2018


Reflections about man, masculinity and patriarchal society

What has happened in Afrin? A guide to understand the Middle East puzzle

Newroz pirozbe!- Happy Newroz!

International şehids

A lot of international revolutionaries have come to Rojava. We are working in the civil works, but there are other internationals who decide to go to military structures in order to take part on the active defense of this revolution. With the invasion of Afrin, some of them died, and as the Internationalist Commune, we are taking care that their stories and their struggle lives on in all of our memories.

In the middle of March took place the funeral of şehid Baran Galicia in Semalka, we gave a last goodbye to the first şehid from Spain (Galicia) before his body crossed to Basur to be transported back to his place and his family.

Funeral of şehid Baran Galicia:

Another internationalist fighter killed by the bombs of the Turkish army is şehid Hêlîn Qerecox, from Bristol (UK). She was in YPJ but she had a close relation with some members of our Commune. We wrote this article, published this letter, and made this video in her memory.

In memory of şehid Hêlîn Qerecox




Also şehid Legerîn Ciya died these days. She also took part of the defense of the revolution in the YPJ ranks, but she was a doctor from Argentina, and her main work was related with the health and medical structures. Friends from the international jineolojî committee wrote this letter.

Letter in memory of şehid Legerîn Ciya:

In the Afrin resistance, two friends from the International Freedom Battalion also lost their lives. Şehid Sahin Hosseini came to defend the revolution from Iceland. Şehid Şevger Ara Makhno was born in Turkey, and he also died fighting the Turkish army in Afrin. We collected statements and videos from them:

Şehid Sahin Hosseini:

Şehid Şevger Ara Makhno:

Defend Afrin

The brutal attacks of the Tukish army and the Islamist gangs have raised a wave of solidarity with the resistance done by the people of Afrin, and thousands of demonstrations all around the world have takenplace since the beginning of the invasion.

As Internationalist Commune of Rojava, we feel the responsibility of take an active role on the organization works of the international solidarity. We tried to bing all the mobilizations that where already happening one step beyond on the organizational deme, and we made a call for the #WorldAfrinDay on March 24:

Call for the #WorldAfrinDay:

With the call, we also made this ‘Why to defend Afrin’ short videos, analizing why Turkey started this war on Afrin and why its important to support this resistance. Here you can find a playlist on youtube with the 5 videos we published -in different languages- with English subtitles.

Videos ‘Why to Defend Afrin’:

A lot of people answered the call for the #WorldAfrinDay, organizing demonstrations and solidarity events in more than 50 cities. We were trying to compile all the demonstrations we found, but we know that there were even more.

Compilation of actions for the #WorldAfrinDay:

After the success of this event, we made a short evaluation of the process and the results. We were reflecting about the things we did right but also about the mistakes and the problems we found, and we decided to write this open letter sharing this ideas and asking for feedback for the people who took active part in organizing this demonstrations

Open letter after #WorldAfrinDay:

Picture Galleries, Make Rojava green Again!

Finally, this months we found some time to put in order our archive and make a selection of some pictures of the last months. We shared some pictures of the celebration of the Newroz in Derik, and also pictures about our ecological works in the camp close to the internationalist academy.

Newroz in Derik:

Make Rojava Green Again

December 2017 and Janary 2018:

February 2018:

March 2018:


We also published three texts from members of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava.

In this article we share some reflections about the situation of Afrin, the reactions and the implications for the middle east policies.

What has happened in Afrin:

We published this letter for congratulate the Newroz, the Kurdish new year:

Letter for Newroz:

We also published this article, published in Turkish in the jineolji magazine at the end of 2017, about the roots and the implications of the man identity and the patriarchal society:

Reflections about man, masculinity and patriarchal society:

This is what we had been working on March. Now we also need your support for translate and spread this information. As you can see, there are a lot of things ongoing in Rojava, and we are trying to share what we are learning and doing here. Hope one day you will also come here and work with us!


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