[internationalist-commune] Newsletter #07

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in our website: http://internationalistcommune.com/newsletter-07/

Dear friends,

It took us a while to get this newsletter together, but we’re happy to
share some news with you of a few very busy weeks here at the commune.

One reason why it took us some time is that we were working on two new
websites: A redesign of the website of the commune at
www.internationalistcommune.com also we made a new website to present
our campaign “Make Rojava Green Again” better to the outside. You can
find the result of our work at: www.makerojavagreenagain.org… plus a new
Instagram page for the commune at https://www.instagram.com/RojavaCommune/

We are happy to hear any feedback, or about mistakes you might find.

In our last email we shared news of our first education here at the
Helin Qerecox Academy. Since then some friends have moved on to work in
society, for example working in the health structures in a refugee camp
or joining the media work elsewhere.

in the last months also an autonomous women delegation organizend by the
women of the commune took place – you can read about their travels from
Raqqa to a camp for young women on the banks of the Euphrates here

Some of the male friends also joined an education together with Kurdish
and Arabic youth in Haseke, where we had the opportunity to visit
archaeological sites across the region – you can find out about what we

Other opportunities have come up to engage and work in society – the
women friends are starting a library project with Kurdish comrades, some
friends are working with the youth structures in Derik to bring young
people into contact with the movement through English and boxing classes.
We also joined a long march to the border of Bashur with comrades from
the youth movement. You can read about this experience of political
organising in the Rojavan context

Here at the commune, our shared study in Kurdish and the ideology of the
movement continue alongside our practical works. More friends have been
sharing their thoughts, contradictions and struggles on our site.
You can find there reflections on the importance of the sehids (martyrs)
in our daily life in the Commune; a testimony from an anarchist
insurrectionist on what drew him to the Kurdish movement; and an
interview with a Palestinian internationalist discussing why he joined
the Rojava revolution.


Regarding the Make Rojava Green Again campaign, we have started working
every day in a nearby tree nursery/cooperative. In that way we are
learning Kurdish in daily life, and at the same time learned useful
knowledge for the work in our own place.

During the hot summer months we are continuing our planning – in autumn
we will plant at least 2000 trees in the area of our academy, and in
winter we will start preparing and planting the shoots for our own tree
nursery. We have also constructed a new sun-shelter in our garden to
protect our young plants.

Besides this, we have started thinking and practically experimenting
with some other projects: for example, we want to build a small bio-gas
machine which will enable us to turn our compost to gas and use it for

Another bigger project ahead is a water treatment system for the grey
water from our kitchen and bathrooms. Especially in the summer, the
water situation is critical in Rojava, and news has reached us about
water shortages in the major cities of Qamislo and Heseke. A lot of
water is used for irrigation in agriculture. Since we will have a huge
need of water for the tree nursery we would like to use as much as
greywater as possible for irrigation.

Another thing keeping us busy is our book project. We currently in the
process of translating the ‘Make Rojava Green Again’ book into 14
different languages as well as preparing to publish it in different
places across the globe. We will keep you up to date as the process
proceeds and the book reaches publication – first of all in English.

Anyhow, the printing and layout are a significant expense for us. Though
we’ve reached our initial £3000 target and are moving ahead with the
English publication, we still need money to cover the costs of the
Arabic and Kurdish and all other language versions of the book. Since we
wanet to use any proceeds from selling the book in our projects here, we
would be glad if you could support our crowd-funding

You can find more information on our new website about how to work with
and support us from your home countries or by travelling here to Rojava.
The contacts and networks we are building across the globe are extremely
important to us, and we are always looking for new chances to share
information, knowledge and opportunities with international comrades.
Friends at the the International Youth Festival in Farkha, Palestine,
recently read a letter of solidarity from us at the Internationalist
Commune, and later planted a tree for Abdullah Öcalan, the imprisoned
representative of the Kurdish liberation movement.
The Cuban, Palestinian and YPJ flags flew together over the festival’s
entrance. We will leave you with this picture of the new
internationalism, being built up here and now in Rojava. Solidarity to
comrades all over the globe.


Revolutionary Greetings

Internationalist Commune of Rojava

August 2018


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