2º-Torture and prison experience of Anarchists in Iran

Although they allowed me to continue the schooling because of my age, I was constantly under control at the school, even sometimes some people attacked me in the school, beat me and threatened to rape me and my family

After about a year and a half and after many kinds of mental and physical torture, when I was about 17 and a half years, It seemed like my Period of conviction had expired; I really wanted to leave from Zarghan because I was sick of that city; eventhough they allowed me to leave, they warned and threatened me about many things Including disclosing what happened to me. Anyway as soon as possible, I left Zarghan to Shiraz to live in a new city, in fact it was like exile

I started a new life in Shiraz with fake names Dariush and Yashar, Although I knew they will not miss me by changing the name
While I was severely suffering from mental illness as a result of torture in the past. After a while I entered a new school in Shiraz for a short time, but in fact my thoughts were very far from what the system wrote in the school’s books. All that existed in my mind was struggle and revolution for freedom and equality. In shiraz as fast as possible I tried to find new comrades who had interest for the struggle. Finally we created a political group with five people (mobarezaneh shiraz), but it didn’t work well. Adding to that, due to security concerns of the comrades, we dissolved the group, after some activities, including the publication of anti-government Declaration

This bad experience of doing political activity with the collective in the practical situation, forced me to do some political activity in the internet but I, as an anarchist, preferred the practical situation. So I was thinking of burning one of the government centers, one of the ideas was bombing in the Imam jomeh headquarters which was in the karimkhan zand street

Abtin Parsa /October/16/2018

FONTE: http://asranarshism.com/1397/07/26/anarchist-150/


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