3º-Torture and prison experience of Anarchists in Iran

The summer of 2016, the municipality has fenced the square opposite the headquarters of Imam jomeh, The work has become much more difficult because the fence take the space to move for bombing; in fact There is no choice except attacking with Molotov, but it will not make any damage so Inevitably the operation was stopped

The lesson I learned that day was the power of patience. Sometimes you have to wait for years and watching the target

Almost every weeks, I checked the goal to make the coordinates updated in my mind

In one of the days that I was checking my targets, In the vicinity of one of the targets that a fascist shop was, I found a person who selling some books in Karimkhan zand square

after more attention, I understand that most of the books were books that were forbidden in Iran for sale and maintenance, I passed without care, but tomorrow I was come back at this point for talking with him and buy some books

After a few weeks, we become friend, and he said me that he has more books which could not bring here because they are more illegal

At this time, when I had a small shop in front of the Shiraz registry office, I thought I would sell books there because I needed money to do more serious things; Now that I think of it, it was one of my biggest mistakes because this was the beginning of a banned book’s shop, which later forced me to escape from Iran

On the other hand, the activity I had on the Internet made me get acquainted with a communist-feminist girl who was living in Tehran, After a while, we realized that we are interested in one another, but we really did not have much information about each other except some political discuss
Abtin Parsa /October/16/2018

FONTE: https://asranarshism.com/1397/07/26/anarchist-152/


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